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JVC DLA-X700R: The best projector picture we've ever reviewed

Show summary: Yes, there are probably even better projectors available than JVC's DLA-X700R, but we haven't reviewed them and they likely cost even more. And yes, its cheaper line-mate is a better value. But none of that takes away from its incredible picture quality.

Category: First Look

March 19, 2014
Epson 5030UB: Deeper blacks, bright whites and still a great value

Show summary: Last year our favorite bang-for-the-buck projector was this Epson's predecessor. The new version is mostly the same, with one crucial improvement: an even better picture.

Category: First Look

February 14, 2014
Toshiba L9300U series: More pixels but less picture quality

Show summary: Although its 3D deserves praise, overall the Toshiba L9300U is a worse performer and more expensive than its 4K competitors.

Category: First Look

February 6, 2014
CNET's TV reviewers talk the most notable screens of CES 2014

Show summary: From curved LEDs to 120-inch behemoths to Chinese brands with Roku built in, our experts pick apart latest and greatest TVs that will appear this year.

Category: CES

January 8, 2014
Sony is looking to change the way you have breakfast with its Sony Life Space UX Tabletop Projector Concept

Show summary: Part of Sony's "The Wow" project is the Life Space UX Tabletop Projector concept.

Category: CES

January 8, 2014
Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector is furniture

Show summary: At CES 2014, Sony shows a 4K SXRD projector capable of producing a 147-inch image -- and it's built into a credenza.

Category: CES

January 8, 2014
Samsung's crazy UNS9 4K TV series adds 110-inch size

Show summary: The 85-inch member of this billionaire-level TV series has been out for awhile, and we know most of the details already: $40,000 price tag, 4K resolution, crazy easel-type stand, Now the 110-inch size is official, although the price still isn't. Six figures, anyone?

Category: CES

January 7, 2014
Samsung demonstrates better glasses-free 3D TV

Show summary: A concept 4K resolution 3D TV in Samsung's booth created the illusion of a third dimension better than before, and doesn't require you to watch from a particular seating position.

Category: CES

January 7, 2014
Concept 8K TV shown in Samsung's booth

Show summary: If 4K just isn't quite sharp enough for you, check out Samsung's 8K demo TV. It's huge and higher-rez, but won't be a real product anytime soon.

Category: CES

January 7, 2014
A look at Samsung's H8000 curved 1080p television

Show summary: At CES 2014 David Katzmaier takes a look at the H8000 Series, Samsung's flagship TV for 2014.

Category: CES

January 7, 2014
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