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Ep. 1450: Where we play by ear

Show summary: You know that story about the shipwrecked woman that was spotted and saved by Google Earth? Total BS. Today we'll tell you how Weblore spreads online, an app that uses "algorithms" to transcribe any song into sheet music, how to game the hell out of Spotify, and a new teen pregnancy text message campaign sweeping the nation!

Category: The 404 Show

March 21, 2014
Ep. 1449: Where we run for the border

Show summary: Taco Bell taps techies to market its new breakfast menu, a new app helps you dodge awkward run-ins with frenemies, robots creep their way into newsrooms, and a new gadget guaranteed to sanitize public transportation!

Category: The 404 Show

March 20, 2014
Ep. 1448: Where rich or poor, it's nice to have money

Show summary: Aunt Jill Schlesinger's back on the show for her annual tax advice episode! We'll chat with her about how to pick the right CPA, why you shouldn't ever cancel a credit card, and why WhatsApp really is worth 19 billion.

Category: The 404 Show

March 19, 2014
Ep. 1447: Where we put on our party hats

Show summary: Leaked from today's 404: the seven people that hold the keys that control the Internet, a portable printer that turns your Instagram photos into Polaroids, a open source laser tag system gets funded on Kickstarter, and more!

Category: The 404 Show

March 18, 2014
Ep. 1446: Where we feel a draft

Show summary: You probably have have better things to do, but if you don't you should be watching Discovery Channel's nude survival show "Naked and Afraid." A full report plus the strangely specific mental disorder hitting young programmers and yet another AirBnB horror story to freak you out of renting your home to strangers!

Category: The 404 Show

March 17, 2014
Ep. 1445: Where we beat up on Bluetooth

Show summary: Steve Guttenberg's back on the show! Today he'll tell us about his disturbing dreams about Bluetooth headphones, the results of poll on the worst audio format, why you shouldn't give any money to Neil Young's Pono music player, and more!

Category: The 404 Show

March 14, 2014
The 404 1,444: Where we're trapped in a phone booth (podcast)

Show summary: Why you can still afford to pay for Amazon Prime despite the new price hike, the legendary tale of the most elusive phone booth in the country, and the story of 12 strangers that watched "Gravity" in zero gravity.

Category: The 404 Show

March 13, 2014
Ep. 1443: Where we're taking the couch by storm

Show summary: Neil Young just destroyed his funding goal for his Pono music player on Kickstarter, an expose on the development crew making new games for the SNES, Atari, Genesis, and Virtual Boy, and the huge traffic gains on Healthcare.gov following President Obama's appearance on "Between Two Ferns" yesterday.

Category: The 404 Show

March 12, 2014
Ep. 1442: Where we're all mixed up

Show summary: Breaking down the disaster that is the "Street Fighter" movie adaptation of the early 90s, how to reap the most profit from selling your organs online, an app that makes torrenting movies as easy as Netflix, and why artificial intelligence in Titanfall is poised to change the face of video gaming.

Category: The 404 Show

March 11, 2014
Ep. 1441: Where we ride the green wave

Show summary: Leaked from today's 404 episode: how to make $15,000 in one day on Instagram, excavating an abandoned movie theater in Egypt, Audi in-dash tech that turns every light green, and an app that helps you relive days spent in AOL chat rooms.

Category: The 404 Show

March 10, 2014
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