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The Oculus Rift is primed for developers, but not yet ready for consumers

Show summary: The version of the Oculus Rift being shown at GDC 2014 is pretty much the same one we saw at CES earlier this year, with a new camera and a new demo.

Category: First Look

March 20, 2014
Valve's Steam Machine controller attempts to change the game

Show summary: The latest Steam Machine controller prototype keeps the disc-based control, adds traditional face buttons.

Category: First Look

March 19, 2014
How your smartphone camera works

Show summary: Do more megapixels mean better photos? Not necessarily. Eric Franklin reviews what you need to know to determine your camera's image quality.

Category: The Fix

March 18, 2014
How to take incredible pictures with your phone

Show summary: In this episode, it's all about making the most of your smartphone camera. We show you how to determine your camera's image quality, give you insider tips on taking better photos, and feature an affordable do-it-yourself project that can be built within minutes.

Category: The Fix

March 17, 2014
How to select the optimal screen size

Show summary: Choosing the right screen size for your new TV may be even more important than any other feature. Eric Franklin shows a simple way to do it.

Category: The Fix

March 11, 2014
Building a home theater

Show summary: CNET's newest how-to and DIY show features useful tips to easily install your television, get the best sound quality, and select the right screen size.

Category: The Fix

March 10, 2014
Does your smartphone need a new battery?

Show summary: Eric Franklin breaks down the details on when you need to buy a new battery for your smartphone.

Category: The Fix

March 4, 2014
Mobile browser showdown

Show summary: Watch as Chrome, Safari, and Opera Mini are put through their paces in a real-world mobile-browser speed test.

Category: The Fix

March 4, 2014
The Fix: Optimize your smartphone

Show summary: CNET's new how-to and DIY show, The Fix, kicks off with useful advice on squeezing your smartphone's browser speed and battery life for all they're worth.

Category: The Fix

March 3, 2014
Mobile World Oops

Show summary: Churning out dozens of videos a day is exhausting and difficult work, but the magic of video editing makes it look so easy. Take a peek behind the curtain and see what it looks like before the magic.

Category: First Look

February 27, 2014
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