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Instagram video is so cool, we're already over it

Show summary: HTC might have a Mini up its sleeve, and so might Samsung. Also, Facebook invited everyone to a supersecret event on Thursday, where it might unleash a Vine competitor.

Category: Rumor Has It

June 19, 2013
Next Xbox don't need no stinkin' Internet

Show summary: Recent Google-related rumors freak Karyne out, Amazon just loves a good gimmick, and the Xbox might not need an always-on Internet connection after all. Oh, and we say hi to an old friend.

Category: Rumor Has It

May 14, 2013
Will Apple swoop in and 'invent' the hybrid laptop?

Show summary: Can Apple change the face of the hybrid tablet/laptop market by adding one new feature? Also this week, Windows' next iteration may finally make your life easier, and Microsoft can't let everyone else have all the smartwatch fun.

Category: Rumor Has It

April 17, 2013
Apple getting serious about games?

Show summary: Rumors of the Facebook phone may finally be put to rest this week, Amazon's got a secret something going on, and Apple might debut new gaming hardware. Oh boy.

Category: Rumor Has It

April 3, 2013
Google jumps aboard the smartwatch train

Show summary: Google seems to be feeling left out of the smartwatch revolution. Also this week, the next-gen Xbox continues to blow Karyne's mind, a $99 Kindle Fire is probably not on the horizon, and Google Play tweaks make co-host Lynn La feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Category: Rumor Has It

March 27, 2013
What we will (and won't) get in the Galaxy S4

Show summary: This week, we round up all the final rumors ahead of what will probably be the launch of Samsung's next flagship phone on Thursday. Will it come in colors? Is eye-tracking a thing? Guest co-host Casey Newton weighs in.

Category: Rumor Has It

March 12, 2013
We are preordering our Apple iWatch

Show summary: This is Emily's last week on the show, so she leaves us with a few words of wisdom before she heads off into the sunset. Also this week, the Xbox 720 might require some ridiculousness, and Apple's iWatch could bend and snap.

Category: Rumor Has It

February 13, 2013
Facebook wants you to be a stalker IRL

Show summary: A rumored standalone Facebook app would broadcast your location to all your Facebook friends whether you are using it or not. Finally, stalking without all the hard work!

Category: Rumor Has It

February 6, 2013
Will Apple go plastic for a low-cost iPhone?

Show summary: The rumored less-expensive iPhone will be a cross between the iPhone 5, the iPod Touch, and the iPod Classic. Wait, isn't that what all iPhones are like anyway?

Category: Rumor Has It

January 30, 2013
Signs point to PlayStation 4 at E3

Show summary: Sony's vice president of home entertainment hints that an announcement about the next-generation console will be made at or before E3 in June.

Category: Rumor Has It

January 23, 2013
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