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Retina iPad Mini among expected news from Apple

Show summary: CNET's Josh Lowensohn shares details of the iPad upgrades anticipated at Tuesday's event, including changes to the Mini display and a slimmer, full-size version. Also expected: More Mavericks info and a new Mac Pro.

Category: Inside Scoop

October 21, 2013
What to expect for Apple's iPad event

Show summary: Trying to guess what Apple will unveil Tuesday? Is it a bigger iPad, a fingerprint sensor, or smart covers in more colors? CNET's Sumi Das has a preview of what might be revealed at the upcoming iPad event.

Category: News

October 21, 2013
Apple invite hints at something new for the iPad

Show summary: The latest invite from Apple is out, for an October 22 event where the company is expected to release its newest iPads and Macs. CNET's Sumi Das and Josh Lowensohn on what the invite reveals, what we can expect at the event, and the latest iPad rumors.

Category: Inside Scoop

October 15, 2013
Will low-cost iPhone be Siri-less? Or sell in new colors?

Show summary: Speculation is building about Apple's plans for its next round of devices. CNET's Sumi Das and Josh Lowensohn sift through rumors swirling around the cost and features of a cheaper iPhone, possible size and screen updates to the iPad, and more.

Category: Inside Scoop

August 13, 2013
Inside Scoop: Microsoft unveils Windows 8.1

Show summary: Microsoft is trying to woo developers and users with its update to Windows 8, aptly named Windows 8.1. At the annual Microsoft Build developers conference, CEO Steve Ballmer showed off the new software, announced the return of the Start button, and gave developers extra incentive with some very expensive swag. CNET's Sumi Das and Josh Lowensohn have the Inside Scoop.

Category: Inside Scoop

June 26, 2013
Mac Pro gets bold, new look

Show summary: CNET's Josh Lowensohn gets a first look at Apple's completely redesigned Mac Pro desktop at the company's WWDC. The new high-end Mac sports a new Intel Xeon CPU and faster 1,866GHz RAM.

Category: First Look

June 10, 2013
Inside Scoop: What to expect from WWDC

Show summary: CNET's Kara Tsuboi and Josh Lowensohn discuss what Apple might reveal at next week's Worldwide Developer Conference. Find out what kind of MacBook improvements might be in store and why we don't expect to see an Apple iWatch just yet.

Category: Inside Scoop

June 6, 2013
The all-new Xbox One

Show summary: Microsoft's totally overhauled Xbox gaming console boasts all-new hardware with live TV, movies on demand, and new interactive voice- and gesture-controlled features.

Category: First Look

May 21, 2013
Inside Scoop: The bottom line on Apple's bottom line

Show summary: Despite some gloom and doom speculation, Apple's latest earning report surpassed Wall Street expectations as the company announced strong sales of iPhones and iPads. CNET Senior Writer Josh Lowensohn gives us the Inside Scoop on Apple's plan to boost its stock price, and what the company would and would not say about its future products.

Category: Inside Scoop

April 23, 2013
Inside Scoop: The watch wars are starting to tick

Show summary: In this Inside Scoop, CNET's Kara Tsuboi and Josh Lowensohn discuss the revival of smartwatches. Major manufacturers like Samsung have announced they're getting into the game with rumors that Apple might be soon to follow. Hear what these watches are designed to do, how they can be successful, and the target price point.

Category: Inside Scoop

March 19, 2013
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