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Sprint dishes on its 4G roll out and finally coming to New York

Show summary: Sprint talks about why it's taken so long to get LTE up and running and why only Brooklyn and Bronx have been lit up.

Category: News

July 24, 2013
The Armour 39 fitness tracker is for exercise enthusiasts

Show summary: Armour's first foray into the fitness gadget market uses a chest strap to calculate heart rate, calories, and fitness willpower.

Category: First Look

May 13, 2013
CES In Depth dives into 2013 trends

Show summary: CNET's Bridget Carey and Roger Cheng break down the big stories from opening day of CES 2013, and talk with David Steel, executive vice president at Samsung.

Category: CES

January 10, 2013
Inside Scoop: Nokia

Show summary:

Category: Inside Scoop

December 18, 2012
Nokia CEO Elop on 'world's most innovative phone'

Show summary: CNET sits down with Stephen Elop to get the low down on why his new Lumia phones are worth a look.

Category: News

September 5, 2012
Nike's Lunar Hyperdunk+ tracks your moves on the court

Show summary: At $250, these are expensive even for shoe and basketball enthusiasts. While some may like the design, I wasn't the biggest fan. Given the price and limitations of what it can do, I can't recommend these shoes for the average Joe or even folks who get on the court on a regular basis.

Category: First Look

August 20, 2012
Watch digital local broadcast TV with the Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G

Show summary: The Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G features a retractable antenna, and is the first product with the ability to pick up local, live TV channels, a service called Dyle.

Category: First Look

August 3, 2012
Live TV on your phone and tablet

Show summary: There's a new way to watch live TV on the go. Previous attempts at streaming local television signals to smartphones have failed, but the new no-subscription Dyle service is betting that folks will tune in. Bridget Carey chats with CNET Executive Editor Roger Cheng about the first smartphone with Dyle, and the challenges ahead for the technology.

Category: Inside Scoop

August 3, 2012
AT&T exec runs through new home security, automation biz

Show summary: Glenn Lurie, head of AT&T's connected devices business, shows CNET how to control a home with an iPad.

Category: News

May 7, 2012
Nike FuelBand

Show summary: The FuelBand is actually a clever motivational tool -- for some people. It's the casual person's fitness tracker, and Nike employs tricks like awards and badges and color LEDs to keep you moving. For someone used to watching television, or better yet, playing video games, the FuelBand can be very effective in getting them off the couch. But the FuelBand isn't for everyone. Anyone who already has an exercise routine and is looking for a better way of tracking their workouts won't be satisfied with this wristband

Category: First Look

March 26, 2012
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