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Which iPad should you buy?

Filed in: iPad Atlas

March 20, 2014
Perfect Fit: Why the Samsung Gear Fit might be a hint of wristbands to come

Filed in: Mobile World Congress

February 25, 2014
A three-step plan to save Nintendo

Filed in: Reviews - Games and Gear

January 31, 2014
Apple arcade: iOS game controllers, compared

Filed in: Reviews - Games and Gear

January 23, 2014

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    Born a New Yorker (with a mid-life stint in SoCal), Scott has covered tech, gaming, and entertainment since 2001 for Maxim, Men's Journal, Playboy, Esquire and Laptop Magazine, among others. He's glad to help you pick a laptop.
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    Long-time NY Jets fan, part-time improv performer and screenwriter.
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    Gaming, future portable things, virtual holographic overlays of ghost relatives, vending machines.
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    iPad 2, Aluminum MacBook 13-inch (2008) at home, ThinkPad at work.

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