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"Honda Odyssey RES"

Posted in: Car Tech

December 16, 2009
"Fiesta vs. Mazdaspeed3?"

Posted in: Car Tech

December 16, 2009
"Okay, I'll bite."

Posted in: Car Tech

June 12, 2009
"Navigation screen size..."

Posted in: Car Tech

May 11, 2009
"COMMAND upgrade?"

Posted in: Car Tech

May 11, 2009
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  • Antuan Goodwin
  • Associate editor
  • San Francisco, CA

About Me

  • Member since:

    July 21, 2008


    Associate editor
  • Short bio:

    When I'm not putting my driver license in jeopardy to deliver reviews of cars and car accessories or busting knuckles under the hood of the CNET Aveo, I'm adding to my disturbingly large collection of Mobile Suit: Gundam models and TransFormers action figures.
  • Interests:

    Finding great driving roads, loving cars, amateur photography, and discussing movies, zombies, and robots
  • Tech Interests:

    Cars and car technology
  • OS:

    Android 4.0, Mac OS X Space Liger (or whatever)
  • Machine:

    CNET's yellow 2007 Chevrolet Aveo5, affectionately known as the Lemon.

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